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The Most Strategic Place for Kingdom Influence

In this blog I’ll address the first Big Idea that can change the way we do church.

Big Idea One: The workplace is the most strategic place of Kingdom influence for most Christians. Contrary to popular perception, you don’t need to quit your job and move to a Third World country in order to make a significant contribution to the Kingdom of God and help fulfill the Great Commission. God has called most of His people to workplace vocations meeting a variety of human needs emotional, physical, and spiritual and wants to use them there for His Kingdom purposes.

I cite numerous examples of men and women who are pursuing Kingdom purposes in the “secular” workplace, but my favorite is Steve Bigari. I wrote about him in my April 20, 2007 blog. But I just met another man this week, who convinced his Fortune 500 company to sponsor a Christian Diversity group within the company. Of course this opened up the gate for a host of other faiths to begin groups as well, but I’m pretty confident in biblical faith in the free marketplace of ideas. One of the reasons that the company allowed this to happen was because they trusted this individual. They had seen the quality of his work and the quality of his character lived out before their eyes for twenty years. This individual knows he is called to his work and is making a significant Kingdom difference in his workplace. Because of the size of his company, he actually has a bigger audience that his pastors (of a very large church). He told me, “A person can hide in my church. But I can’t hide at work. People see who I am. They see everyday whether my faith makes a difference in my life of not.”

We don’t need more churches. We need more churches committed to equip men and women to take their faith to work!

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