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Prayer for My Work

Ken Boa is one of the smartest and yet most humble men I have been privileged to learn from. Check out Ken’s website for a host of great resources that will aid you in your spiritual development. In Ken Boa’s recent Reflections Teaching Letter he published a prayer for work entitled “Work as a Mode of Worship.” I pass it on for your consideration.

You have called me to participate in Your purposes through the work I have been given to do during my earthly sojourn. May I do my work with care and excellence in the desire to be pleasing to You. I realize that all things become spiritual when they are done in Your Name. May I honor You in my choices and activities and view the works of my hands as a mode of worship. I want whatever I do in thought, word and deed to be honoring to You and edifying to others. I ask for a clearer sense of purpose and calling and for the power to accomplish that for which You have placed me on this earth.

May it be true for all who bear the name of Jesus in our daily work.


Pursuing Your Calling in a Down Economy

Job layoffs and an anemic economy are pushing many Christians to question the purpose of their lives, yet I meet very few who are thinking in terms of the “good works” God had in mind when he designed them. Each of us has a high calling we are obligated to follow, and when we do, this brings God great glory and us great joy.

The quest to discover our calling should begin with four facts we know for certain … To read more go to The High Calling.

Stockholder vs. Shareholder Value

The headline in the Dallas Morning News reads “Pilgrim’s Pride to cut 1,100 jobs as feed costs soar.” I also noticed that the stock price of the nation’s largest chicken producer has plummeted over $10 in the last six months. Even though the headline implies a simple exchange, I’m sure that the business equation for Pilgrim is much more complicated than trading employees with families to feed for chicken feed in order to increase stockholder value. My hope is that company officials weighed the needs of all the “shareholders”—not just the stockholders—when they made the decision to furlough workers.

The Bible is very positive about work, business, and profit. Obviously without profit everyone loses. But profit is not the only end of business. Business leaders face a huge dilemma when stockholders pit their demands against the other stakeholders in a company. Employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities all have a stake in a company, not just those who own stock. In his book, Joy at Work, Dennis Bakke suggests that company leaders need to consider all the shareholders in making business decisions. Business leaders who choose to increase shareholder value at the expense of everything else might gain praise from Wall Street, but not Main Street—and not from Him who makes their business possible in the first place. There’s a reward more important that a fat executive bonus for increasing stock value and that is to stand before the Ultimate Stakeholder in your business and hear from his lips, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Read more about God’s values in the workplace in Colossians 3:22-4:6.