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Benedict’s Business Paradigm

In his latest post (10/2/09) at the Cardus website “Building an Economy of Communion“, Bruce Webb asks a thought provoking question,

Is there no way to change the business mindset so that profit is not seen as an end in itself, but as a means to address social needs?

While profit is a moral good in and of itself, a casual reading of Scripture tells us that our business better be about more than that or our accounting before the Lord of the Workplace will be uncomfortable to say the least. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the account I will give before Christ for the work I do. I think it’s something Christians need to ponder.

I would love to know what you think about the business model Pope Benedict proposes in his recent encyclical, Caritas in Veritate.  Webb summarizes it at Cardus (a much easier read).


Business as Mission

Last week I had the privilege of connecting the Global CEO Network, serious business men and women committed to doing business internationally and carrying the love of Jesus Christ with them. The organization that sponsored the event was EC Group International founded by Tom Sudyk. These men and women gather twice a year to share wisdom, discuss guiding principles, and help each other operationalize their desire to take their business global or begin a new business in another country with a Kingdom agenda.

What marked these individuals as unique in my mind was their tenacious commitment to make a profit both financially and spiritually. Who would have thought these could go together? (Oh, that’s right. God) Their common values: commercial excellence and expressing God’s love through business. If you see your business as your ministry, you need to know about this group. Click here.

What’s interesting about this growing group of Kingdom entrepreneurs is that they have largely taken on this Kingdom Agenda on their own without help of mission agency or church. They just felt called to do what they could for world evangelism using what God gave them: a heart for God and a mind for business. Kind of reminds me on the Early Church, business men and women compelled by the love of Jesus taking the gospel all over the Mediterranean world after they heard it from the Apostles.