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Fishing Is Next to Godliness

Fishing_HeaderLast chance to Join Bill Peel and Chuck Lane in Montana for three+ days of glorious fly fishing: October 15-19. Learn the amazing connection between fly fishing and fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Reflections on 38 years of Marriage

Bill and Kathy cut the cake

Bill and Kathy cut the cake

I was the perfect man: charming, irresistible, polite, discerning, protective, and passionate. I was a hunk and man of God rolled into one ideal package.

… at least in Kathy’s mind.

What she actually got was an amiable but insecure, protective but selfish, polite but socially clumsy, passionate but lustful, fit but undisciplined, pursuer of God with millions of miles to go on my spiritual journey.

I am always amazed at the faith women have in the belief that men will change for the better once the aisle has been walked and vows repeated. Fortunately for those of the male gender, the women who love us see us for who we could be, not who we are in reality.

Of course that can be dangerous for a woman. Besides the fragile grip on reality, it is fraught with temptation to take the taming of the cave man on as a woman’s personal mission and prerogative.

Actually I was significantly self-righteous for many years about the fact that I didn’t want to change Kathy—like she wanted to change me. I wanted the woman I thought I married. However, when I read Paul’s instructions to husbands in Ephesians 5, I see a different attitude commanded entirely. Being a good husband is all about helping to change the woman I married—not into the image I had in my mind, but into the image that God had in mind for her when he created her. It’s not about shaping her into the perfect woman who will meet my needs, but helping her become all she was created to be.

Today, as I look back on 38 years of marriage, I am so thankful that Kathy Peel is not the cute little adoring coed I married. Despite my help much of the time, she has become a beautiful woman of God: smart, winsome, fiercely loyal to our boys and their wives, committed follower of Jesus, tenacious business woman, graciously confrontive wife, and passionate lover—and did I mention, she’s my best friend.

Prayer for My Work

Ken Boa is one of the smartest and yet most humble men I have been privileged to learn from. Check out Ken’s website for a host of great resources that will aid you in your spiritual development. In Ken Boa’s recent Reflections Teaching Letter he published a prayer for work entitled “Work as a Mode of Worship.” I pass it on for your consideration.

You have called me to participate in Your purposes through the work I have been given to do during my earthly sojourn. May I do my work with care and excellence in the desire to be pleasing to You. I realize that all things become spiritual when they are done in Your Name. May I honor You in my choices and activities and view the works of my hands as a mode of worship. I want whatever I do in thought, word and deed to be honoring to You and edifying to others. I ask for a clearer sense of purpose and calling and for the power to accomplish that for which You have placed me on this earth.

May it be true for all who bear the name of Jesus in our daily work.

Pursuing Your Calling in a Down Economy

Job layoffs and an anemic economy are pushing many Christians to question the purpose of their lives, yet I meet very few who are thinking in terms of the “good works” God had in mind when he designed them. Each of us has a high calling we are obligated to follow, and when we do, this brings God great glory and us great joy.

The quest to discover our calling should begin with four facts we know for certain … To read more go to The High Calling.

What Size Is Your Package?

Have you heard this old adage? “A person wrapped up in himself makes an pretty small package.” The same is not only true for persons, but for any organization as well, especially the church.

The day before the election Robert Geyer and David Ruper asked a jarring question. Robert is a business executive and David is a communication professional. They write about the intersection of faith and life at Red Letter Believers. Their question was simple:

“Is it possible that big government thrives because of a little church?”

I think they are onto something. It’s not little church size-wise though. It’s little church vision-wise that’s the problem. Could it be that as church leaders have gotten wrapped up in themselves, they have forgotten their mission to the world? Is it right to blame government when the church (we Christians) has neglected to do it’s job?

While those of us who mistrust “big government” contemplate what happened on November 4, it might be more productive to reconsider the impact of “little church,” and what we can do to be a little less wrapped up in ourselves for the next four years.

Read Red Letter Beleivers blog.

The Serious Work of Being a Father

or How to Make This the Best School Year Ever for Your Kids (and Your Wife)

I usually write about faith in the workplace in this space, but I want to pause and talk about another kind of work God calls us to do that must brought into rhythm with our career.

In case you missed the news, Kathy and I just gave birth to twins.  Well, sort of.  Not new children but two new books released this summer:

While listening to Kathy talk about how stressful back to school was for moms, it dawned on me that most men are clueless how much work it takes to launch kids well into a new school year.  After all, isn’t that mom’s department?  To that I would say absolutely not!”

Parenting is a team effort and a man’s role is mission critical to the welfare of his family.  In 1 Timothy 4:3 Paul says that men should,  “Manage their household well.”  One of the things that means is that it’s our job to create a positive launching pad for our children. Here are three important principles to apply.

  1. Redefine your role around the house. Think of yourself as a partner not just a helper.  For too many years as Kathy was sweating the start of a school year I told her,  “Let me know if I can do anything.”  That puts the entire burden on her.  A partner figures out what needs to be done and takes on the task without being asked.  If you’ve never taken a look at what it takes to run a household, hold onto your seat and download a form off of Kathy’s Family Manager website entitled “Who’s Responsible for What?” It will probably shock you to see all the tasks that it takes to run a household.
  2. Show up. Obviously our physical presence is important, but many of us have a hard time showing up personally for our family.  I understand.  We are distracted by a lot of pressures that come at us from all directions,  but when we walk in the door,  it’s dad time, not time to relax. That would be like showing up at work for break time.  If you haven’t discovered how critical you are to your family,  check out Chapter 10, “The Inestimable Value of a Father” in What God Does When Men Lead.
  3. Own the morning.  Trust me here.  Own the mornings, and your evenings—after the kids are in bed—will be rewarding.  Mornings during the school year are the most stressful time of the day for mothers and kids.  Mornings are also the launching pad for the day,  and you want to give your children the best possible start to the day .  Here are my suggestions.
  • Schedule time with your wife after the kids are in bed and inform her that you want to take personal responsibility to start everyone’s day on the right foot.  Read through the above article together and make a list of all the morning jobs that need to be done to start the day well and list all the potential roadblocks.  Then divvy up the work.  Since you are a “partner,” that doesn’t mean that you do all of the work,  but it does mean that you do take on 50%-plus of the jobs and take responsibility for how things actually go.  That means you’ll be getting up earlier and spending time with God to make sure you are in a servant-hearted frame of mind before the chaos begins.
  • Next,  schedule a family meeting and talk through the morning routine—no whining allowed.  If you have older children,  listen to their feedback,  but don’t give in to things you know are important like sitting down together for breakfast.  Go over when everyone is going to get up,  what each person will be responsible for,  the bathroom schedule,  and if necessary,  consequences for uncooperative attitudes.
  • Last,  make the commitment to give each day a spiritual jumpstart by reading a short (very short) children’s devotional or a portion of a chapter in Proverbs (there are 31 chapters) and praying together for everyone’s day ahead.

4.    If you are really brave,  “adopt” our twins,  What God Does When Men Lead and The Busy Mom’s Guide for a Happy, Organized Home.  Read and study the first with a group of men.  Read the later with your wife and get into her world.

P.S.  There’s a link to a study guide for your men’s group to the right.

Business as Mission

Last week I had the privilege of connecting the Global CEO Network, serious business men and women committed to doing business internationally and carrying the love of Jesus Christ with them. The organization that sponsored the event was EC Group International founded by Tom Sudyk. These men and women gather twice a year to share wisdom, discuss guiding principles, and help each other operationalize their desire to take their business global or begin a new business in another country with a Kingdom agenda.

What marked these individuals as unique in my mind was their tenacious commitment to make a profit both financially and spiritually. Who would have thought these could go together? (Oh, that’s right. God) Their common values: commercial excellence and expressing God’s love through business. If you see your business as your ministry, you need to know about this group. Click here.

What’s interesting about this growing group of Kingdom entrepreneurs is that they have largely taken on this Kingdom Agenda on their own without help of mission agency or church. They just felt called to do what they could for world evangelism using what God gave them: a heart for God and a mind for business. Kind of reminds me on the Early Church, business men and women compelled by the love of Jesus taking the gospel all over the Mediterranean world after they heard it from the Apostles.